Merci mille fois...which is French for thank you thousand times over.

Dear Bob,
  I have been meaning to write to thank you for the superb job your company did for us. Everything was just so smooth....from the moving day to six days later when our stuff arrived safe and sound. The guys on either end were terrific...friendly and efficient. The driver was really good too (Jose I think was his name). He said he would be here Thursday morning and he was. The way the guys took the time to protect all the floors and the walls before they began was really impressive. The way everything was numbered and color coded was really wonderful....even my husband's favorite baseball bat from childhood arrived with its number on the side. And your fee estimate was high which was really nice since usually the estimate is too low.
  Our new home has 17 steps from the outside to the first level (house is built into a hill) and I felt really badly for the guys. But from start to finish, they never complained, kept on smiling and working and took only one 20 minute break during the 6 hours it took them to unload everything. And then at the end when they took up all the floor coverings and folded every single protective blanket before putting it back into the truck, it all was just incredible. 
  And the cars also arrived as when promised with no scratches. Everybody we dealt with concerning the move was friendly and professional. 
  It really helped to make a very stressful time a little less stressful. Thank you again for a job well done. And I would appreciate it if you could forward my thanks to the 5 guys involved on both ends. Obviously I gave them tips, but I felt that no amount of money would tell them how much I appreciated their attitude and work ethic.
   Merci mille fois...which is French for thank you thousand times over.
  Susan and Alan