They moved everything carefully, quickly, and efficiently.

Hi Robert,

Another move under my belt!  Please send me the weight on the August 1-2 move and the final amount changed to my credit card.  We had so much less than the last time we moved!

I have to say that Pedro is amazing.  He clearly takes this very seriously, strives to satisfy the customer, has a very pleasant and even temperament, thinks ahead to avoid difficulties, and works really well with his team as both a team member and a leader. Pedro is someone who really has leadership and management potential.

In moving, Pedro carefully thought out how the truck was loaded to make unloading easier and better for everyone - especially me, the customer.  Carpets were the last thing in the truck so they were the first out and were placed in each room.  As furniture was unloaded it could be placed exactly in position.  By the end of the day when the team left, every piece of furniture was in position. I must say, Pedro also has an excellent eye for color and placement of furniture and was a tremendous assistance in getting everything right.

The tractor trailer did prove to be a huge challenge at this location.  Pedro foresaw this during loading on Monday, Aug 1, but we were all wrongly assured that it would not be a problem. Eventually, Pedro figured out it out using a bit of ingenuity!

The team with Pedro was excellent.  They moved everything carefully, quickly, and efficiently.  They paid attention to details like ensuring the pleats on the furnuture were straight as they were wrapped.  Everything came through great!

Robert, thank you once again for sending me such an excellent team!