Thanks for making the move an easy one...FIVE STARS!!

June 24, 2019

Dear Mr. Jacoutot,

We recently moved from Bay Shore, Long Island to northern Westchester and are still busy getting settled in. I wanted to write to tell you how pleased we were with the fantastic job that was done by your company. We met with you in October and discussed the move, the billing process, and how the move would be handled. My wife then contacted Tina in your office and she was very helpful in answering more questions about the move, about packing, and what to expect. We even went to the office, had a nice conversation with the owner, Mr. Ralph Montera, and he was kind enough to have one of the ladies give us a tour and show us around the warehouse where our furniture would need to be stored for five months. I was impressed that the large warehouse was very neat, amazingly clean, and well-organized beyond my expectations.

A few days before Christmas, Winston and his crew came and cheerfully, and very carefully, packed up all the furniture, the clothing, the china and crystal glasses, and hundreds of books. The next day they arrived on time, laid out lots of mats, and like a well-trained team they systematically loaded the truck and took our possessions to be stored for five months while we were at our home in Florida waiting for our new home to be completed.

We contacted you in April and you made arrangements with us to deliver our furniture on May first to our new home in Westchester. Again, Winston and his crew arrived on time, laid out plenty of mats and paper as not to mar the new wood floor, and by mid-afternoon all the furniture and boxes were brought to their proper rooms. I noted with pleasure the skill and efficiency with which they worked. I can’t imagine a more friendly and hard-working crew.

If we move again I will be sure to contact your company to do the move. The office staff was very helpful, Winston’s crew was a great group of men to observe and chat with, and the move went without any problems. Any anxiety I had about moving at the beginning proved to be unwarranted. It was a fantastic job all around. Thanks for making the move an easy one and congratulations to you, your office staff, the moving crew, and the management. FIVE STARS !!